Turkeybuild Istanbul which is one of the most famous expos in the world took place in May with the participation of 52 countries and over a thousand companies. In the organization in which the secretarial works were conducted by IDDMIB a procurement committee consisting of the pariticiapaton of nine people from Spain, South Africa, Finland, Ethiopia and Nigeria came together with firms that play a huge role in the Turkish export. Head of IDDMIB Rıdvan Mertöz reported that through this expo a lot of positive feedback and outcome is expected. Serdar Urfalılar, Head of Turkish Construction Materials Sector Committee, commented that the nine countries that were chosen are countries with vibrant markets and thus the meetings done through the expo will have very beneficial results for Turkish construction sector.

Head of African Contractors Association, Chris Jayne, who brought 300 contraction companies to the expo, also underlined that the committees and the meetings that were held were very helpful for them in realizing that Turkish construction techniques and technologies are very superior and that its through these meetings that African contractors will be encouraged. It was also reported through the Engineering News Record, a famous magazine for international construction, that Spanish contractor companies like Comsa and Isolux Corsan and the French company Bougues were really impressed by the Turkish companies in the expo. It was also rumored that Isolux Corsan is planning to have a Turkish partner in an upcoming project; so an alliance with a Turkish Contracting Company will be formed.